Simply ride

What does a horse breeder like?

Yes, some sense of control. Success is to be ahead, a matter of control. You have the reins of the business and they are in your hands. All business variables in an integrated way, one system

Exclusive, practical and functional.

The glamor of a thoroughbred with the performance of your business at the speed of the wind. Resistance and technology in the service of tradition because you are the best for your horse.

We just help to do it. Its tradition, our solutions. Solutions that respect your tradition.

We don’t care for horses, we care for a passion.

Therefore, the SkyEquest ecosystem was created, an automated system that allows the integration of control in food distribution, administrative management and veterinary history.

Advantages for the Breeder

Food savings up to 30%

Cost reduction with auxiliary personnel

Healthier animal

Reduction in veterinary expenses

Increased time available for other tasks

Information loss is avoided

Information sharing between all elements of the stud farm

Individualization of feeding

Information on costs (animal, food, veterinary)

More comfort of life for the creator

Access to information from anywhere

Individual file per animal

Clinical history (advance in deliveries), work history (hours of classes) and generic

Registration and processing of information